louann weber About

Louann A. Webber is the President of Your Money Inc., which was started in 2005. She joined the American Association of Daily Money Managers in 2007 and completed the certification program to become a Certified Daily Money Manager in 2008. Your Money Inc. provides a variety of financial services to high net worth individuals and busy professionals. Your Money Inc. also provides trust management and estate settlement services.

Prior to starting Your Money Inc., Louann was a principal for a company located in Herndon Virginia, where she developed her financial and accounting skills.  She was also the Treasurer and Board member of Junior League of York where she continued to build her business and personal accounting skills.

Louann holds a BA in Economics. She has also held the position of President and Board member of the American Association of Daily Money Manager as well as the completion of the Leadership York Program.

“I am a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and required to pass a background check and as a Certified Daily Money Manager I am required to earn continuing education credits to keep my accreditation.”

Louann handles a variety of complex money management issues for my law firm on a regular basis. These issues range widely from accounts payable, accounts receivable, handling data for payroll, serving as an interface with our CPAs throughout the tax year and at tax time. Louann , also, frequently, recommends sound office policy and procedures to improve our overall financial administration, provides first rate analysis on profit sharing, employee raises and even hiring, and she performs a host of other duties for my law firm too numerous or tedious to note further here except to say that Louann handles all of the things she does for my law firm without fuss, with extraordinary competence and integrity, and, invariably, also with great, good humor.