Business Finances Concept

Who are our clients

Our clients are High net worth individuals, who have complex lives, busy professionals and athletes who travel frequently which makes it difficult to manage their personal day-to-day financial affairs.

We serve as your Personal Financial Concierge

We also provide services to executors, personal representatives, and trustees with the many tasks associated with settling an estate or managing a Trust. We provide services to include the gathering and organizing of personal records of the deceased, handling mail and bill payment on behalf of the estate or Trust.

We provide services where it best fits your needs

Our Work can be done in your home or remotely in my office.

We will have your bills sent directly to us so that you won’t even have to handle them.   We will process your bills, reconcile your bank accounts, negotiate with vendors if needed, coordinate with your accountants, lawyers, etc.  You will get monthly reports of the transactions that transpired during the month. When working remotely in our office we provide you reports and status via secure, shared folders and email.

In order to help you achieve and maintain exceptional financial organization, Your Money, Inc. provides the following confidential services:

Monthly / Weekly Bill Management

All aspects of bill paying from household utilities and staff to credit card statements and mortgage payments will be handled meticulously and with complete discretion.  We are also able to take care of necessary bureaucracies and paperwork, such as required filings from state and local agencies.

Asset Account Reconciliation

All bank and credit accounts will be thoroughly reviewed for any discrepancies, which will be brought to your attention before being properly reconciled.

Expense and Revenue Tracking

A customized budget analysis will be developed to allow for easy review of your expenses and tracking of revenue, so you know exactly where and how your money is being spent.

Financial Reporting

We will provide you with comprehensive, yet easy to understand monthly financial statements to give you a clear and accurate picture of your personal financial assets.